Fabrics That You Will Find When Choosing Your Wedding Dress

There are two types of bride, those who have very clear ideas from the beginning because they have been keeping inspiration for years and those who, on the contrary, have no idea where to start. However, it is one thing to know the style of bride you want to be and quite another to know if the dress of your dreams can be made with the fabric you had in mind.

  1. Bambula: it is important to clarify that the term does not refer to a type of fabric but to the method of making. It is characterized by having folds that achieve a “wrinkled” effect.
  2. Brocade: fabric with relief drawings made with gold or silver threads. Normally they are characterized by vegetal or geometric motifs of oriental inspiration.
  3. Crepe: it is a fabric with an irregular appearance and a granular touch. The variety of types of crepe is infinite: wool, Moroccan, georgette, pleated … For Higar Brides is the star fabric of recent times. Very suitable for mermaid dresses attached to the body and also for dresses with more volume but always taking into account the fall. These dresses are enriched with applications of rhinestones, lace and embroidery.
  4. Dupion: natural silk fabric with texture and shine.
  5. Lace: it is a fabric that is created by mixing silk, cotton, metallic threads or linen that is normally used as an ornament or applied to other fabrics. Lace is the quintessential king of our atelier. although you will always find the fabrics previously mentioned in this post in our models. our clients remain faithful to the elegance and craftsmanship of this fabric that allows us so many possibilities.

Choosing the perfect style to give the “yes, I want” to the love of your life is not an easy task. Although many women are clear about the 2018 wedding dress that they will wear on their wedding day, when the moment of truth comes it is when they realize what really suits them or the design they want to wear. A proposal very suggestive and that sweeps for several seasons are the wedding dresses with transparencies for 2018, also called “tattoo effect”.

They are called bridal boutique singapore “tattoo effect” because they fit the body like a second skin. You can wear transparencies in wedding dresses with neckline on the back, made with guipure and thousands of beads and spectacular embroideries. In dresses of sweetheart neckline illusion where to show transparencies as much in shoulders as in the part of the bust. And we also see this effect in long-sleeved dresses that are made in fine tulle on which floral motifs are embroidered, among others.

But nevertheless the best way to get to know these fabrics is to try them, so we invite you to visit our atelier and try all the designs we have for you. We are sure that among them is the dress of your dreams. Wear a white dress is more complex than you think, do not leave such an important choice in the hands of anyone.