How to Choose Plus Size Wedding Dress?

The bride and groom will excuse me, but let’s combine: the bride is the high point, the biggest star of the party! Everyone wants to see the dress, the style, check the makeup and the hairstyle. They steal the scene and make everyone happy! If the big day is coming and you do not know which model to choose, then stay tuned to these tips! Whoever has more curved curves or is overweight has nothing to worry about. Learn to choose the best plus size wedding dress singapore for your body!

Plus size bride can wear any dress?

For each body type, there is an ideal dress. For example, who is very short, has large breasts, wide thighs or is too thin, there are always infallible tricks. However, the best of them is always to value what is most beautiful. The moment you highlight something, you are automatically focusing on what you want to hide or disguise.

With plus size brides is no different. However, it is essential to evaluate each type of body. There are women who have more breast and others have the most advanced hip. For some the problem is with height: too high and other very low. So, look for details that value your highest qualities.

What should be avoided by brides plus size?

  • Applications that give more volume, such as ruffles, ties, prints and certain applications should be avoided, mainly in the bust and the waist.
  • Avoid too tight models, not to draw attention to the grease.
  • The mermaid cut usually raises the hips.
  • The style will make it fall that enhances the breasts even more.
  • Long veils tend to flatten, so they are not the most recommended for the short.

What can be used without fear?

  • Medium or long sleeves with thin lace are ideal for hiding the thicker arms.
  • V-shaped or canoe-shaped necklines often enhance the lap.
  • Corselets are great for supporting and setting the waistline.
  • More structured fabrics, such as silk taffeta and crepe, are best suited for waist, buttock and chest regions.
  • Prefer to use flowing, flowing fabrics such as silk and chiffon on the legs.
  • Straight cuts are excellent for lengthening the body and disguising very wide hips.
  • Exit ease, that loser and empire model, that is, in A format, are super indicated to value the waist.
  • The short veil at shoulder height is the model that most suits all styles of dress and still has the power to tune the face.

Want another tip?

Remember, all of these guidelines for bridal plus size dresses are just suggestions. The wedding is a special date and you are one of the main highlights of the party. So never choose a model just to hide unwanted features. The priority is to make you feel dazzling. Remember, beauty comes from within! When we are well and happy, we squandered brilliance and sensuality, regardless of the style of your dress!