Wedding Videography Singapore: Tips to Eternize the Great Day!

Marriage planning is accomplished with one goal: to be eternalized in different ways. Be it through the decoration , the wedding dress , or the wedding party . The important thing is that all the guests remember the big day as something special and incredible! And is there a better way to eternalize this moment than through the wedding videography singapore?

Do not worry! We are not talking about those old videos, more than two hours long, showing tedious details and that nobody wants to watch. But, yes, the current wedding videography singapore, made in creative ways and full of personality , with the essence of the couple transmitted in a few minutes, but in a special way.

We talked to Diego Lima’s Videographer and Videographer DL Films to pick up the essential wedding video recording tips and to eternalize the great day in exemplary fashion! Check out!


Wedding Videography Why filming the big day?

“Video is a way to perpetuate this special day. For the only things that remain after the wedding are the memories, photos and videos, “says Diego.

There is a couple who soon says: “I do not want my wedding video, nobody watches”. This is the phrase that makes the bride and groom more repentant after marriage. The wedding photos are beautiful and subjective – also extremely essential – but the video is the factor that will bring back the affection and deepest feelings wedding, leaves with wanting more after 10, 20 years of marriage. After all, details that happen at the party, such as: wedding vows; first dance of the bride and groom; Godfather choreography and exciting scenes deserve to be eternalized with great affection.

In addition, Diego underscores the importance of hiring a reliable producer, “The producer has a structure to welcome the newlyweds, skilled employees, state-of-the-art equipment and I believe it provides greater security for the newlyweds.” So nothing to ask a colleague to record the moments! Hire someone you trust and who knows the tricks to make every moment of your day even more special.


How to choose the ideal videographer?

The wedding film needs to capture the essence of the couple and what they want to convey to the guests on the big day. For example, the couple’s idea is to have a “romantic wedding”, the video has to convey this romanticism in every detail, highlighting the natural beauty of the wedding space and the love of the bride and groom. And the person responsible for highlighting this essence is the videographer, who has the special look to transform simple details into exciting moments!