The Bridal Boutique of Your Dreams

One look in the shop window of  bridal boutique Singapore Wild at Heart and you are sold. Fairy, couture-like dresses are hanging in the shop window, delicate and with an eye for detail. A year ago Annika Noordzij (26) opened this beautiful bridal boutique Singapore . She sells wedding dresses from labels such as Bo & Luca and Alexandra Grecco , as well as French-made dresses. Time to step inside.

Why did you decide to open a bridal boutique?

‘I got married in 2014. I was looking for the perfect wedding dress , but noticed that the offer of modern wedding dresses in the Netherlands was not great. The offer is mainly focused on the classic bride. I was looking for a supple dress, a beautiful fabric, like silk and found many wedding dresses with a classic silhouette. Online I discovered that there are enough wedding tags for modern brides, like me. It turned out to be mainly nichelabels from Australia or France. Then I went to Paris, I thought. Eventually I succeeded at a Dutch boutique, but thought: this is a gap in the market, I have to do something with this. ‘

What makes Wild at Heart unique?

I exclusively sell wedding dresses from ten different labels, including from the Australian Bo & Luca and Rue de Seine , the French Rime Arodaky and the American Daughters of Simone . What makes us unique is that all wedding dresses are handmade in workshops, so there is a lot of attention to detail. The dresses are made of luxurious materials, such as silk or vintage lace and are not produced in large quantities. Sometimes the label is so small that I have direct contact with the designer, instead of the sales team. So I was the first in Europe to Alexandra Greccowent on selling. Like Rime Arodaky, they only have a few points of sale in Europe. The modern bride can come to her heart. Whether that is a bohemian bride or a minimalist bride. Our dresses have a modern silhouette, sometimes with a playful element or a special design, such as a two piece . They are all unique dresses that you will not easily see anywhere else. “

What do you think are the most popular wedding dresses of the moment?

The wedding season is open, that means the high season is just over for us. We saw that this winter there was a lot of demand for the slip dress , which you also see a lot in the fashion image. The perfect slip dress is like a pin in a haystack, everything stands or falls with the quality of the fabric. We have beautiful examples from A La Robe . They are often fashion-conscious women who choose this model and style it with fashionable accessories such as a metal headpiece .

What I saw a lot on the bridal weeks was wedding dresses with statement sleeves, the bell sleeve. Fantastic. But a statement sleeve, Dutch brides are not ready yet. We are practical. “I will hang on that later in the cake,” we think. You notice that more and more women choose a modern dress. Everything is possible nowadays. You do not necessarily have to marry lace or tulle in a white dress with a tight body. For example, bohemian has been a popular trend in the Netherlands for a while. We sell Rue de Seine , with Jane Birkin-like crochet wedding dresses. You see that not only in wedding dresses, also wedding ceremonies are less classic. If you like, you can now hold an ecclesiastical ceremony in the lawn, where everyone walks around barefoot. The princess dress then makes way for a frivolous, elegant, modern dress. And we are specialized in that.