Trends of Wedding Dress 2018

What are the trends of Wedding Gown Singapore 2018, you know? Choosing the look of the big day, for the novenas, is not an easy task! Whether or not he is fashionable may be even more difficult. So, for those in love with 2018, we’ll give you tips on what the most popular outfits will be.

We separate for you the 13 trends that will make you more successful. In wedding gown singapore environment, we have from those that never go out of fashion to the most controversial and daring. Some models, such as hoods, 3D floral embroidery and fringes, have already stamped the parades of recent years. Already the use of details in black and light blue, high collars or lace guipir is a novelty in the world of brides.

The use of ties, from the most delicate to the most extravagant, which are a rereading of the fashion party of the 80’s, will come with everything in this New Year. And our most controversial bet, the gloves! They will star in incredible looks, of the most different models and sizes.

But here comes the doubt. “What if I do not like any of these new trends? Should I abandon what I always dreamed? “Of course not! Marriage is one of the most important, planned and dreamed days of a woman’s life, so everything should be to your liking and according to your will. For the most classic notions, it is worth the inspiration and who knows the rereading of some of these bets to compose a visual that defines and pleases them.

Fashion appears more and more democratic for brides, with the most basic options to the most exuberant! Let’s get to know a bit more about each trend in 2018.


The covers, ranging from short to long, full of details or simpler, will bring a greater charm to the look.

Removable over-skirts and tails

They will be a practical and stylish option for those who cannot afford a “respectful” tail to climb the altar, because after living the “yes” moment with class and elegance, they will allow the brides to enjoy the party with comfort and the same beauty.


The colors will bring a touch of personality and daring to the dress of the great day. The details in light blue or pastels, like the rose.

Renda Guipur

The guipur income will fit perfectly in marriages in the field as well as in the most luxurious ones. For the first case, they will be simpler and without embroidery, even for the classical party, the lace will be better worked. The use of income is a great bet for those who seek comfort above all in their great day.

High collar

With a slight touch of romanticism, the high-necked dress brings many modeling opportunities to be made. It may bring applications into your body or make up the use of a partial bolero.


Wedding gown singapore in a midi skirt can build a retelling of Audrey Hepburn, in “Luxury Bonequinha”, or a modern sexy Marilyn Monroe.


The fringes will be a great bet for modern brides, boho-chic, and full of a gatsby footprint for the night.


Always present, in big or small details, the ties are timeless in the universe of the romantic bride and now come with everything for the contemporary bride.


They say that for every pearl embroidered in the wedding dress is a tear of joy that will be poured into your married life. We want this to be a reality, as the looks will be full of beautiful pearls of various sizes and colors.


For a long time, gloves were considered synonyms for purity for marriage. In the year 2018, these little girls will come back with everything and will be a true sample of a romantic bride and personality.