How to Choose the Wedding Dress? 10 Essential Tips!

Choosing the Wedding Dress is undoubtedly one of the most important moments during the wedding organization. The task is not easy at all, so we separate some important tips that can help you when choosing the perfect wedding dress!

  1. Establish a Limit Budget for the Wedding Dress:

Bridal Gown Singapore is the first step to saving time and frustration when choosing the wedding dress. Therefore, once the budget has been defined, please state the value limit for your consultant. So you avoid trying to fall in love with dresses you cannot afford.

Usually, brides usually save 15% of the wedding budget value for the dress, already including accessories. Also remember that adjustments, delivery rates and other expenses may arise related to the dress, so do not compromise every budget right away! Always leave room for future expenses that are sure to happen!

  1. Choose a wedding dress that matches the location and style of the wedding

Are you going to get married on the beach with your foot in the sand? Or have you opted for a very traditional church and the party will be in town? These are very important details when choosing the bridal gown singapore and its trim.

A traditional, nocturnal and closed ceremony combines with more voluminous models, with more embroidery and pedrarias. Already a ceremony in the field, during the day, calls for a lighter and more delicate bridal gown singapore. Do you agree? So, try combining the dress with the style of your wedding, this will make choosing a lot easier.

  1. Choose the wedding dress in advance

It is very important that the choice of dress is made 9 to 6 months in advance. Remember that many brides take time to choose a model that pleases them and that fits in the budget. So the search may take some time! In addition, if you have chosen to have the dress done, the more elaborate the model, the longer it will take to make it! Do not leave for last minute; otherwise you will end up with few options and still having to pay more for urgency!

  1. Do your homework: research!

When you arrive at the bridal gown singapore, a number of wedding dress models will be presented to you, so if you already have some preferences, it is easier to filter the dresses and avoid hours and hours trying models that do not fit with you. Keep in mind some inspirations, some models of neckline, silhouettes of dress etc.

  1. Keep an open mind!

Back neckline, mermaid syrup, pearl embroidery, lace fabric … It’s pretty cool that you set some preferences, but do not try to find them all in the same wedding dress! Besides impossible, probably the dress will be over. So keep an open mind, try different options – some dresses are not very pretty hanging, but they look beautiful on the body!

  1. Lightweight reinforcement!

Do not go alone choosing your wedding dress! Usually brides take 2 companions to help in choosing. But beware: it’s important that you bring people who know your style and are willing to help! Many opinions can leave you confused and insecure! So take only people who will respect your choice and give constructive tips!

  1. Save on wedding dress

Finding a wedding dress is not synonymous with spending a fortune. Therefore, always study some alternative options: reform a family dress (if you do the vintage bride style); make a first rent or buy a used dress. Nowadays is increasingly common wedding dress ads used on the internet. Keep an eye on the sales and, if you travel a trip abroad, do not miss the chance to visit some dress shops, you may be surprised by the findings!

  1. Make a Bridal Gown Search Plan

Initially, make a selection of stores that have wedding dress styles similar to what you are looking for. Before the visit, we suggest you call the store and pre-search for average prices. This will help you avoid unnecessary visits. After filtering out the stores that are, in fact, worth the visit, schedule a time and always make notes on the wedding dress models you liked most in each store. Most stores prohibit dresses from being photographed, so it is important that you organize yourself to remember the models you like best and know how to locate the store to make the purchase!

  1. Attention to the size of the Wedding Dress

More important than the size of the wedding dress is your trim on the body. So do not fall for the nonsense of buying a wedding dress much smaller than your size expecting to lose weight until the date of the wedding. It is important that you find a wedding dress that fits your current measurements. If you lose weight until the ceremony, be calm, the dress can be adjusted. Always remember that it is easier to lower a dress than to increase it!

  1. Make a contract

It is very important that the purchase of the wedding dress is accompanied by a contract. Before making any part of the payment, always require the preparation of this document. Thus, you become legally protected. In the contract, among other points, it is important to establish: the date of delivery of the dress, estimated rate for future adjustments and cancellation policy. To avoid future problems, it is very important that you choose a reputable company. Lastly, check if every description of the dress is correct in the contract, review the model, size and color chosen.