We’ve seen so many films in which the Bride to Be is trying, a field cup in hand, sumptuous (or ugly!) Dresses in the company of his girlfriends and almost immediately finds the Wedding Dress Singapore of her dreams that we have. imagine that it will be the same for us.

Finding the dress is one of the most exciting moments of this year of preparation but also one of the most delicate … So here are 10 tips to make your choice!

  1. Get to know yourself.

For that make you a real idea of ​​your likes by strolling on Pinterest for example. Pin the maximum of dresses, details, materials regardless of the year or the origin of the collection. Gone are the days when magazines were carefully cut, now we can save images to infinity! So do not hesitate, you will eventually discover common points and refine your tastes.

It often happens that we have very definite ideas about what is going right or wrong. Do you fall for fluid and bohemian dresses? You might be surprised by finally opting for a body-hugging wedding dress singapore that beautifully showcases your shapes! Do not hesitate to take a walk in a big brand like wedding dress singapore to try very different styles and make you a first idea before taking appointment with independent creators.

  1. Take your time but not too much!

Do not go too far in advance to avoid changing your mind! Especially if the new collections are not all out yet. But not too late either, creative houses usually ask between 6 and 8 months to make a dress and some are in great demand. It happens to have to wait 1 or 2 months to get an appointment!

  1. Plan your maximum budget.

To avoid disappointment set your budget well. The price of a wedding dress singapore is on average 2000 € but can go up to 20 000 €! It would be a shame to have a mega crush for a model that you cannot afford … Do not hesitate to ask at the time of making an appointment to estimate the prices of the dresses you have spotted on the Internet.

  1. Be well accompanied!

You will probably be asked to be accompanied by one or two people maximum. And indeed it is better to be too many at the risk of having very different opinions! It is always a plus to surround you with a friend who has already married, she can tell you about her experience and give you advice on the length of the train, the choice of materials etc…

  1. Do not talk too much!

You will inevitably be asked: “And your dress then??? Show me pictures!” A little advice … resist! Otherwise you risk hearing comments and opinions that you do not like, even if your loved ones have the best possible intentions. Especially if you only have the pictures taken during the fitting to show them, the dresses are rarely perfectly adjusted!

  1. Adapt the dress according to the style of your wedding.

Do you dream of a beautiful structured dress? Embroidery and beads at the Jenny Packham? From a princess train? Is it well suited to the place, season or style of your wedding? No need to follow the trend at all costs, listen to you it’s essential.

  1. A 100% made-to-measure why not!

I must admit that this is the option I chose. I loved mixing all my favorites and draw with my designer a wedding dress singapore 100% to me! It’s so exciting to choose her lace, to select her silk crepe, to add lots of little personal items … Of course you have to appeal to her imagination and agree not to see the wedding dress singapore over for several months !

  1. Think about your comfort.

Remember that you will spend all day and a good part of the night with your dress, so be at ease! A mermaid wedding dress singapore is beautiful but it can quickly become uncomfortable if you want to swing like crazy! Do not hesitate to listen to the advice of the pros during your fitting, he will guide you according to your morphology so that you are the best possible.

  1. Bring the right accessories.

During your fitting you will spend most of the time in underwear, so choose them well! Exit panties frou-frou opt for a set of flesh as discreet as possible. If you have some, do not hesitate to bring also silicone shells to be able to appreciate the best the dresses back bare. If you have already chosen, bring your shoes!