Organize Wedding That’s How You Start!

Step 1: Date pricking for your wedding

First things first : When will the big day take place? Grab your hubby  by the arm and take it aside for a good consultation. Do you want to get married in a particular season or is the date important? Maybe the day you officially got ‘courtship’, or your lucky number … Just keep in mind the less romantic factors of a date puncture.

Also keep in mind the budget: which date is financially the best? Did you know for example that Saturdays are more expensive? And marrying during the winter months can be cheaper again. Secondly, you have to take into account the timeframe: how long do you think you need to organize your wedding day. Do you still have to save? Discuss together what you think is important.

TIP 1!  It is impossible to take all guests into account, but when planning your wedding date, take into account any important dates of guests who are close to you.

Step 2: Theme and style of the wedding

You do not have to sign up for your wedding yet, but in general it must be clear what you want. Are you going for a big wedding or intimate? In other countries or maybe just close to home? You can also give your wedding a theme if you want. Take a Sunday afternoon and together with your lover create a moodboard to determine the atmosphere of your wedding. This gives you a clear picture and makes it easier to make choices during the further organization.

Step 3: Budget for the wedding

Unless you have hooked a sugar daddy or earn your own baking with money, you will have to consider a budget when you start organizing your wedding. Determine together with your fiancé what you want to give out. Setting up the budget is the easiest part, then the difficult part comes: keep it. Yes, even if that dream dress is € 1000, – more expensive! You will then have to cut back on things that you find less important.

The costs of a wedding also depend on the style in which you are getting married. A ‘farmer wedding’ with a barbecue costs is less than a classic wedding with a five-course dinner in a country house . Go smart with your budget by spending more on the things that really matter to you and save on things that are less important to you.

Step 4: Break through buttons

Many people have trouble making final decisions. Logical, but you will have to put yourself over this. So prick that wedding date, book that location and book directly at the town hall: you can not get enough early. Especially at popular wedding locations, you should not be surprised if they are fully booked every Saturday evening. So start organizing your wedding in good time!

Step 5: Guest list

When you set up the guest list , it is important to keep a few things in mind. How many guests can you invite at the wedding and / or party location? What is the budget? It’s very simple; the more guests, the higher the bill will be. So think carefully with whom you want to share your wedding and turn off your sense of duty. It is your day, so only invite the people you want to celebrate your party with!

Step 6: Invitations

Once the date is fixed and the location and city hall have been booked, it is time to inform everyone. Send a save the date card or e-mail as soon as possible . This card or mail is to ensure that your guests can already hold the date you are getting married in their diary. The real wedding card will follow later! Usually a month or two before the wedding.

Step 7: Staff asked!

When planning your wedding day, you can call in the help of others, for example in the form of master of ceremonies or maid of honor. Especially a master of ceremonies often helps with the planning of the wedding and is also the point of contact for the guests, for example with questions about the wedding gift and the scheduling of acts and speeches. On the day itself, the master of ceremonies ensures that the scenario is monitored and he or she is also the point of contact for the companies that you have enabled, so that you can enjoy the day to the full. Think carefully who wants to assign you which task and ask these people on time!


Who has the honor to take on the role of witness ? Think both who you would like to ask. It does not mean that you necessarily have to ask that one friend because you also witnessed her wedding. Do not obligate yourself to tit for tat!


Would you like bridesmaids and / or jonkers at the wedding, make sure you ask them on time. Then you immediately have extra hands during the preparations of your wedding !

Step 8: Legal side of marriage

Before you are allowed to marry, you must first make a declaration of an intended marriage (formerly a marriage ). Contact the municipality for the procedure. The witnesses must be familiar with this part and everyone must have a valid passport or identity card.

Marital conditions

Marital conditions are certainly not just spent on celebrities. First, consider whether this is useful in your situation (for example, if one of you has your own company).


Do you want to change your name when you get married? Then consider which name you want to adopt. Nowadays it happens more and more that the woman keeps her own name.

Step 9: Shop till you drop

Time for fun stuff ! You can look for a wedding photographer , the wedding cake , flowers and last but not least : your outfits! The hunt has been opened to your dream dress .

You will notice that there is a lot to do when planning your wedding. Therefore, do everything step by step, in the right order. It is very tempting to start with the fun things right away. Choosing your wedding dress, wedding cake, honeymoon, etc. But what do you have about an ordered wedding cake if the wedding location has not yet been booked

Step 10: Make a scenario!

If you are busy organizing your wedding, then a script can not be forgotten. This gives a nice overview when something happens.