You are getting married! Fantastic! Your engagement is a time when you are looking forward to the most beautiful day of your life, but unfortunately this sometimes brings stress, because you want it to be the most beautiful day of your life. Time for some relaxation!

Relaxtip 1. Relative

You think of your wedding, your own real wedding, which you dreamed about since childhood, soon it will really happen and you will get married! You think of your dress, the cake, the bouquet, the guests … and then suddenly an overwhelming feeling. Our tip: to be more relative is here. It is an important day, yes, and it will probably be a very nice day. But it is only a day. You have arranged everything down to the last detail and it is very unlikely that something will go wrong. You have your fiancĂ©e and your dear one with you, so what can you do?

Relaxtip 2. Healthy Eating

When you eat unhealthy and do not drink enough, stress is more likely. Maybe you did it all, eat healthy and drink lots of water, perhaps to fit in that dream dress, but another nice extra is that healthy food also has a positive effect on body and mind!

Relaxtip 3. Sleep!

Speaking of health, sufficient sleep is also an important part of this. On average, an adult person would have to sleep about 8 hours a night. In practice this is often not the case and we have to do it with 6 to 7 hours per night. Because stress is less likely to come into play when you are rested, it may be rewarding to take your night’s sleep more seriously. So take care of silence for half an hour before you get silent, subdued light and do not watch TV, iPad or phone screens in this half hour.


Tip 4. Keep A Diary

Sometimes your head flows of ideas, worries and everything in between. The urge for overview is then great and sleeping at night is difficult. As far as we are concerned, a diary can help you. Write down your thoughts and it will be out of your mind. Look at your notes the next morning and take action when necessary. Our tip is, to take a small one that you can easily take with you in your handbag, because often you get an idea at the craziest moments, so it is good you take it handy to write it right before you forget it.

Tip 5. Do something different

If at a given moment you can only think about the wedding, it is time for something else. Life goes on, even after the wedding so you do not have to fall into a hole, you also have to do other things during the preparations. For example, go out for a day with a friend, visit your parents, go to work, bake a cake, let the dog out, etc.

Tip 6. Go to a spa

Nothing is more relaxing than a day of wellness or not? Let yourself be massaged because a massage is stress-relieving. Also a wonderful sauna or fine steam bath can help you with the de-stress. And if you are there, pedicure can also be added.

Relaxtip 7. Sports

Sports is not only healthy, it also helps you reduce stress. So you can live in the gym, take a yoga class or take a long walk on the beach.

Relaxtip 8. Enjoy!

Your wedding and the approach to it is an exciting, unforgettable and enjoyable time. You are planning your wedding but it can also think back to your first meeting, how you fell in love and what feeling you gave and still give. A little stress is probably inevitable, but stop at all the beautiful moments and enjoy! Before you know it, you are married!